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“There are many how to ‘fix society’ books.

This is one of the best I have read.”

Professor Philip Kotler “Father of Modern Marketing”

EmPower Us!

From Crisis to Strategic Harmony

EmPower Us! begins, integrates, and ends with optimizing VALUES and PURPOSE, the catalysts for transformation.

EmPower Us! is the call to action for leaders, entrepreneurs, and Rising Voices (Next Generation, Women, Marginalized) to collaborate as "Catalyzers" to reinvent a sustainable world. They are driven by universal values, a higher ethical compass, digital technologies, and human-centered business practices to transform businesses and institutions. The Catalyzers will design the strategies for the Post Covid Humanity.

The HOW is Strategic Harmony, a transformative model integrating mind and heart. It is a blueprint for an equitable economy and inclusive society.

EmPower Us! stimulates a broader dialogue between generations on the critical priorities of humanity, driving it to reinvent itself.”
Dr. Joseph O. Okpaku, CEO, Telecom Africa International Co.

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