Ella Feathers, College Student, University of North Carolina; Gen Z Emerging Catalyzer

Ella Feathers

“If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that the world as-is is hurting. As a global society, we are overwhelmingly driven by negativity: greed, hate, and control. The economic and political institutions that currently exist are largely exploitative.

We need a solution. With climate change already wreaking havoc on the world and causing more chaos, it’s clear that a solution needs to come now. I think the solution requires  a 180 degree shift from where we are now. That is, making a shift to drive our society with positivity: self-empowerment, love, and growth.

EmPower Us! is a GPS powering that transformation . It speaks to the NextGen,  challenging Us to drive  the change rather than be complicit in the broken world we’ve inherited. It has taken generations of careless practices to bring humanity to the breaking point it finds itself; as such, it will take care to mend the gaps, both ideological and physical, that currently prevent us from fixing the world’s biggest problems.

The book provides a roadmap to live for the world rather than for ourselves, and that within each of us is a Catalyzer ready to ignite that transformation. The most powerful and foundational force is the Love that presides in the human spirit. Transformative Love sets EmPower Us! apart from other initiatives; it encourages readers to have an “internal revolution,” changing their hearts before they change their minds.

It is a call for intergenerational collaboration, from Boomers to Zoomers, to bridge the gaps in empathy  and acknowledge all of our needs. It inspires inclusivity and a constant yearning to grow and understand the people around us.  Transformation is the product of self empowerment and genuine relationships, one person at a time. Only through trust and collaboration can we mend the ideological gaps in our world.”

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