Roberto Croci, Managing Director, Microsoft For Startups, MEA; Trailblazer for Human Centered Entrepreneurship

“For generations we’ve borrowed from the future to pay for the present. Now, human society faces unprecedented challenges, from climate change to mass extinctions to dwindling food supplies and crises. However, it’s still possible to create a future where everyone thrives.

 Building a more sustainable future will require putting technology at the heart of sustainability — and sustainability at the heart of technology. It will also require discovering a New Harmony by focusing on human-centered solutions. This is at the core of EmPower Us! – embarking into a real transformation and putting values and purpose as the drivers of our decision-making.

 The transformation to a human-centered organization is a difficult cultural shift that requires earnest self-reflection and self-assessment within the leadership body in its readiness for leading and nurturing this new culture, long-term commitments and investments, and hands-on engagement of the top leaders of the organization. Human centricity is not cultivated through workshops, certifications, memos, and meetings. It requires a fundamental mindset shift in how an organization is led, how work is done, and how progress and achievement are measured. The top leaders of the organization are the most critical individuals in the organization who can articulate, nurture and model this culture shift.  In a world of uncertainty and complexity, with too many leaders grounded on linear thinking and traditional education, people are not living anymore in the comfort of black or white choices as they entered into a world full of paradoxes, ethical dilemmas, fake news and biases that constantly challenge your own beliefs. We need a new generation of human-centered leaders that can establish trust and make decisions grounded in values that really take people’s future sustainability into account and generate impact for the society at large. These concepts are key in EmPower Us! to enable the next generation of leaders to achieve Strategic Harmony.”

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