About EmPower Us!  … the idea and its origins.

Our book gives Us more Power over our own life and planet’s future.

Most people see the world as it is and get frustrated.

We need people who see the world as it could be and get ready to change it!

This paraphrase of a well-known quote is the reason why, for the last two years, my fellow inspired Catalyzer and Skype pal, Velimir Srića and I began a journey to confront our myths reflected in our broken world and propose a roadmap to Strategic Harmony as solutions. We seem to be very ambitious — this book is for those who want to reinvent the world, to be in harmony driven by universal values and a superior ethical compass. It is for those who want to transform an institution, business, or organization; catalyze political change; or disrupt outdated, unresponsive policies (in healthcare, education, government, economics, and all other).

EmPower Us! is a blueprint for an equitable economy and society able to overcome the conflict-based and anarchic nature of capitalism, and shift the focus from competition, growth and profit toward mutual benefit, love, well-being and sustainability. Strategic Harmony, a new balance and harmony.

EmPower Us! replaces greed and self-interest with the power of our universal values to drive transformation and generate a safe and secure sustainable future.

- Prof. Dr. Ivo Josipović, Ph.D., President of Croatia (2010–2015)

EmPower Us!

From Chaos to Strategic Harmony

Empower Us! with Strategic Harmony looks through new lenses at the challenging conditions and mobilizes radical, yet collaborative solutions, to assess and evaluate our impact on the future.

EmPower Us! Cover
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