How We Do It

The weekly 30-minute Collaboration pairs thought leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences to ignite innovative solutions impacting our sustainable future. Each pair will be given a collaborative challenge to discuss solutions. We work through the tensions that prevent us from generating mutual benefit and sustainable impact by

  • Addressing the urgency of sustainability:

 “Why are you waiting to act?”           

                                        “What are you doing?”

  • Agreeing on values necessary to drive sustainable decisions
  • Uncovering confirmation bias and assumptions
  • Replacing barriers to sustainability with mutually beneficial solutions
  • Breaking down information silos
  • Generating collaboration across generations, functions, and institutions
  • Leveraging sustainability to create opportunities
  • Fostering the coexistence of economic and environmental sustainability (profit and positive sustainable impact)

The resulting solutions will be posted on a Beyond Urgency! Medium website and directed to the media (e.g., Sustainable BrandsGreen Biz, Business publications) , and Chiefs of  Sustainability in corporate community, Business Roundtable, and Government Agencies.


Beyond Urgency! is beyond just talk; it urgently drives solutions.

Current Podcast ( describe guests , their background and their collaborative challenge )

Past Podcasts

Sponsors – Legacy International , Catalyzer Lab   University ?   Businesses ?

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