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EmPower Us! is the call to action for leaders, entrepreneurs, and Rising Voices (Next Generation, Women, Marginalized) to collaborate as Catalyzers to reinvent the world, driven by universal values, a higher ethical compass, digital technologies, and human- centered business practices.

Dr. Sam Wang

Managing Partner, Kotler Marketing Group China

“A must-read for executives and managers. It provides a comprehensive map of Strategic Transformation, offering excellent insights and practical cases."


"EmPower Us! challenges the reader to embark on a transformational journey. Instead of accepting the world as is, the authors give us a guide to harnessing our passion to be the change we want to see in the world. "

Erik Qualman

Futurist, Digital Catalyzer, #1 Bestselling Author (Socialnomics, Digital Leader)

J.E. Rash

President Legacy International Pioneer Values-based Leadership

"EmPower Us goes beyond analyzing our global crises, but focusing on what we can be and must be… challenging all of Us to look forward instead of backward."

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