Declaration of Inclusive Impact

EmPower Us! Paperback Book

We, The Future, challenge the inequality driving our institutions.

The New Normal is defined by Old Values… business without integrity -politics without principles – technology without ethics. This mindset is compromised by scarcity, short-termism, corruption, and tribalism.

To the dissatisfied voices and marginalized visionaries, we challenge you to see the world as it could be and join us to catalyze The New Harmony.

WE PROPOSE: Values-driven strategies to harmonize the planet: 

Strategic Harmony bridging the heart and the mind, values, and emerging technologies, generating a sustainable and inclusive future that serves all.

10 IMPACTS, Where…

1. Us replaces Me
2. Trust, Empathy, Sustainability, & Transparency fuel decisions
3. Love amplifies purpose
4. Equity becomes policy
5. Technology accelerates justness
6. Trust is the currency of transformation
7. Organizations thrive on authenticity and commitment
8. Governance is built on empathy and humility
9. Economics reflects Value for all stakeholders
10. Catalyzers generate the New Harmony.


  • Fuel Boomers2Zoomers...igniting radical global collaboration            
  • Empower Rising Entrepreneurs…catalyzing social impact ventures
  • Establish Impact Assessment Index…driving inclusive transformation 


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