Fuel Boomers2Zoomers Network…igniting radical global collaboration  

To fix the world, we need a critical mass of Catalyzers (leaders, entrepreneurs, and emerging influencers) who see the world through a lens of transformation. These ambassadors  of change  cross nations and generations,  representing all segments– politics, business, nonprofits, religion, technology, education, and entertainment. They are rooted in values, driven by purpose, and accountable to impact assessment measurement  To scale impact, this imperative generates Boomers2Zooomers, a collaborative Network that ignites catalytic solutions by integrating emerging technologies and human-centered business practices.

Empower Rising Entrepreneurs…catalyzing social impact ventures

A major gap exists between the desire of the Next Generation to move toward stakeholder capitalism and the required infrastructure, capacity building, and network necessary to connect with the resources (talent, money, experts) to successfully transition. This imperative develops the capacity of emerging entrepreneurs to collaborate with impact investors and purposeful experts to create sustainable solutions addressing the world’s most pressing problems

Establish an Impact Assessment Index…driving inclusive transformation

Th UN Sustainable Development Goals are increasingly seen by investors as a framework for assessing the environmental and social impact of their responsible investment approaches. However, impact investors agree that the traditional financial tools and investment structures are restricting transformation and sustainable investment. This imperative revolutionizes the space of social impact measurement by focusing on intent and purpose, building a strong bridge between the methodologies of Strategic Harmony and a values-based measurement model. This transparent index will drive inclusive transformation.

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