Elsie Maio, CEO, Humanity, Inc / The SoulBranding® Institute; Global Authority on the Business of Humanity

“EmPower Us! takes you by the hand over the fraught threshold society is teetering on today with a framework for exploring a generative future personally, and together. I found it particularly compelling for a business book to speak with such authority as it does of organizational change through the voice of deep compassion, humor, and wisdom. The book embodies the holistic state of being needed for wise choices today. Its

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J.E. Rash, President, Legacy International; Pioneer in Values-based Leadership

“EmPower Us! addresses the root cause of the five global “dis-eases”; climate change, inequity, inequality for women and minorities, otherness, and the global disease COVID-19. They begin with a degradation of values and result in the breach of trust we see. We are born hardwired to universal values, like love, justice, peace or equality. Trust is rebuilt by living these values. Before we are EmPower(ed) we have to be InPower(ed).

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