From Leader to Catalyzer

Most leaders aren’t prepared for the journey to Strategic Harmony. In the 21st century, leaders will face the equivalent to 20,000 years of progress at today’s rate; they will operate in a hyperconnected environment where exponential changes build upon each other to generate unpredictable outcomes.

Traditional leaders see disruption and technological change as chaos. They strive to manage and bring order to it. They default to comfortable decisions because these have worked before. In contrast, the Catalyzer is no longer a victim of the chaos but initiates and increases the velocity of transformation while leveraging disruption. They reflect on their values and translate their purpose into shared value for all stakeholders striving for sustainable solutions.”

Catalyzers—transform their Love of Purpose and values into a Power that catalyzes the impact on organizations and businesses. They leverage emerging technologies and data for radical innovation and exponential growth, through collaborative decision-making, impacting the Quadruple Bottom Line (people, planet, profit, prosperity of community).

Our global priority is to transform progressive leaders and emerging Rising Voices (Next Generation, Women, Marginalized) into Catalyzers. This intergenerational, multi-sectoral collaboration is required to leverage exponential changes and generate Strategic Harmony.”

See Guideposts 5 and 6

EmPower Us!

From Chaos to Strategic Harmony

“EmPower Us! guides each individual regardless of background to play a significant role in achieving sustainability. It is a practical , easy to follow roadmap revealing the mindset required to design impactful solutions through digital technologies and sustainable business models.”

Din Catic, Corporate Sustainability Strategist, Carbon Trust

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