PRESS RELEASE   December 4, 2020

Launching EmPower Us!   

An Imperative for Global Transformation

“I am Dissatisfied with our world! Our values are disintegrating, ethical compass misaligned, and inequities growing” Malak Dridi, college student

EmPower Us! challenges you to see the world as it could be & join us to reinvent it. The transformative journey is a global imperative. It begins with integrating the TEST Values (Trust, Empathy, Sustainability, Transparency). They are the currency and accelerator for  transformation for all of Us, our organizations, and our world!

The book empowers leaders to become Catalyzers of ongoing transformation. It calls forth intersecting generations to be inclusive and radically collaborate on sustainable solutions. Its action roadmap mobilizes progressive leaders and Rising Voices (Next Generation, Women, Marginalized) to augment their shared Purpose to ‘fix our broken world.’

Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing, commented, “There are many “fix society” books. EmPower Us! is one of the best I have read. The authors went much deeper with their analysis of why societies break down.”

With 40+ contributors from six continents and across five generations Empower Us! serves as roadmap to Strategic Harmony, values-based, impact-driven solutions. By intertwining emerging technologies and human-centered economics, this book lays out business models that sustain All of Us. As a Rising Voice and pioneer in human-centered technology, Navroop Sahdev commented, “Sustainability depends on redefining the role of profit, money, or bottom-line, incorporating core Values and Purpose to address all stakeholders’ impact. This is central to the message of EmPower Us! and achieving Strategic Harmony.”

A catalyst for expanding women’s role in in social business, Susan Davis Moora, shared “It shares miraculous solutions inspiring every reader to find their highest life mission—higher than we would dare—to be part of the solution. Do read EmPower Us! now!”

Shagorika Heryani, a rising millennial, senior marketing strategist, nailed the book’s takeaway “EmPower Us! as an intergenerational movement is absolute genius! It breaks down stereotypes across generations … to spark  sustainable value ecosystems.”

Check out the Transformation Declaration –


Dr. Ira Kaufman earned his PhD in Marketing and MA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. His company, Catalyzer Lab, designs values-based Transformation Strategies and trains World Class Digital Leaders. He co-authored Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy, Tactics with Human-centered Values.

Dr. Velimir Srića is Professor of Management at Zagreb University, with a PhD in IT management and an MBA from Columbia University.  He is a coauthor of the International Encyclopedia of Business and Management and has published more than 70 professional books and 500 articles.

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