Strategic Harmony

“Strategic Harmony replaces greed and self-interest with the affirmation of what is at the core of our belief and universal values driving the potential of that catalytic Force for transformation generating a safe and secure sustainable future.”                                                                   

J. E. Rash,   Pioneer Values-based Leadership 

What is Strategic Harmony?

Strategic Harmony is a transformative business model for organization change necessary to generate a sustainable world.
Focusing on integrating mind and heart, it is a blueprint for an equitable economy and society able to overcome the conflict-based corruption
and greed inherent in our global environment. Strategic Harmony shifts the focus from competition, growth and profit toward mutual
stakeholder benefit, love, well-being and sustainability. It is driven by universal values and a strong ethical compass, digital technologies
and sustainable business practices.

Strategic Harmony requires changing the way:       

  1. we live our core values                  
  2. we use our resources
  3. we engage our communities
  4. and our leaders direct our institutions.

The change begins with transforming the mindset that has made our world broken.

Why Strategic Harmony?

“Strategic” because it is driven by specific intention to create a values-driven plan that is inclusive and trusting, empathetic, sustainable
and transparent. “Harmony” because it is a congruent combination of diverse elements and mindsets resulting in unified, sustainable outcomes,
shattering our status quo.”

“It is a journey, not a destination. To achieve Strategic Harmony, we’ve designed strategies to align Power, augment Purpose and Love,
reduce resistance to change and integrate digital transformation.”

EmPower Us!

From Chaos to Strategic Harmony

This book helped me recognize my power as a catalyst within the Gen Z community. I was enthralled by the message of Strategic Harmony in addressing our social inequities by empowering values, including unheard voices and redefining leaders as catalyzers.”
Malak Dridi, Writer, Daily Tar Heel, UNC , Chapel Hill

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