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WHY EmPower Us? 


Reinvent the world’s institutions driven by values as the currency of decision-making and digital technologies to drive sustainable impact.

A profound change is needed to fix our broken world! If you like the status quo, please move on. Otherwise, join us and we can try to change it together!

Any book dealing with change can easily get lost in the vast conversations on burning global issues. What’s broken, how is it going to be fixed and who is supposed to do it? No wonder, we have spent more than a year in deciding WHY we are writing this book.

WHO is this book for?

Is it aimed only at dissatisfied people or all people facing change, wanting to understand it, and more importantly manage it? If so, then it includes people of all political persuasions – executives, politicians, educators, profit and nonprofit managers, entrepreneurs, students, change agents, parents, concerned citizens, in other words, You!

We are targeting all generations across all cultures as the “broken-world-disease” is not beholden to one culture or economic class. Our global priority is to empower emerging Rising Voices (Next Generation, Women, Marginalized) transforming them into Catalyzers, agents of transformation

WHAT do we do?

EmPower Us! provides a roadmap for Strategic Harmony that using the internal power of one’s TEST Values (Trust, Empathy, Sustainability, Transparency) and Love of Purpose to generate social impact and accelerate change.

We provide practical strategies how each of Us can create breakthroughs in thinking about institutions, and the false “myths“ we accept and live by.” We offer a resilient approach to innovating, and a flexible roadmap for transformation that can be put into practice for ourselves, our organizations, companies and institutions.

We share our passion to transform the world to what it can become, instead of accepting the present situation as the default.

Table of Contents 

Get a preview of what we have to offer.  Download the Table of Contents to EmPower Us! 

This book is an invitation to look at the world with curious kids’ eyes to cooperate and manage social and economic processes differently! It is a call to let love and creativity Empower us to bring Harmony to society! Can the world really become a big orchestra playing beautiful, noble, and human music that turns us all into Catalysts of change? Srića and Kaufman say it is possible. We have to let our soul listen to their New Harmony.”
Prof. Dr. Ivo Josipović, Ph.D., President of Croatia (2010–2015)

EmPower Us!

From Chaos to Strategic Harmony

“Empower Us  is  must-read for executives and managers. It provides a comprehensive map of Strategic Transformation, offering excellent insights and practical cases.”
Dr. Sam Wang, Managing Partner, Kotler Marketing Group China

Additional book formats and international delivery are available through Apple, Nook and other providers!

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