Catalytic Mindset

“There is a revolution occurring in the world today, but it is not fought with armies
and it does not aim to kill. It is a revolution of consciousness.”    Marianne Williamson . Spiritual Author, Politician

Catalytic Mindset consists of four “think lenses.” Two lenses, Think Quantum and Think Circular are focused on the internal changes, while the two external lenses focus on Connectivity and Intelligence. All four are needed for transformation.”

Each lens demands us to reset the way we think about and approach a threat or opportunity, It is authentic, open, and values-driven, focusing on organizational purpose. In contrast, the traditional company’s mindset is driven by Old Power controlling communication, consumer and employee input, market strategies, and product design.”

The Catalytic Mindset serves as a trajectory to propel change and co-create a sustainable future for organizations, community, or society. It is designed to accelerate the ‘reaction rate’ with which team members anticipate, design, and scale innovative sustainable solutions.”

see Guidepost 9

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EmPower Us!

From Chaos to Strategic Harmony

“EmPower Us! is a wise guide for teams committed to creating a generative future together—starting now! With a melange of passion, wit and poetic wisdom, the book encourages us to action on a very human level, and its apt analytic protocols are immediately useful. It sees reality through a whole-system lens. And through its eyes the reader leaps well ahead on the transition from the profit-primacy business norm toward a paradigm of inclusive wellbeing.”
—Elsie Maio, CEO, Humanity, Inc. /SoulBranding™ Institute

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