Navroop Sahdev

Our world is consumed with crises. For some, it’s political or misinformation. For others, it’s the pandemic, and still, for others, it’s economic recovery, or burning forests, or the threat of climate change. It is essential not to address these crises as siloed events but to recognize their global interconnectedness. To generate a sustainable future, we must work together to tackle these global challenges. To align ourselves and create Harmony, we must rise above the individual, national or corporate benefits or self-interest and collaborate to find human-centered solutions. This imperative is the foundation of EmPower Us!—empowering our values and purpose to challenge the crisis and fuel transformation. To transcend the crisis and achieve Harmony, we must design strategies that define our values, how we live those values, and how we consistently incorporate them to build a sustainable future. This book describes them as TEST Values (Trust, Empathy, Sustainability, and Transparency) as catalysts for leadership and organizational transformation. Transformation requires both internal assessment and external accountability to realize tangible change.

In contrast, traditional decision-makers are focused on maintaining the status quo and hardwired to see risk linearly. The book prioritizes guiding these leaders and emerging entrepreneurs to become Catalyzers aligned with a sustainable plan and the intention to realize it. They must challenge their biases, opening themselves to the emergent possibilities of results that they cannot anticipate. To achieve Strategic Harmony, we need to empower and reinvent our educational systems to generate Catalyzers across all professional disciplines. They must be agile and develop technologies that are unbiased, inclusive, and transparent. Strategic Harmony requires that we embed each of our value sets into a product or service that is focused on and involving all the stakeholders. Catalyzers require the humility to engage with these stakeholders and the empathy to respond to their needs. We need to restore Trust in our emerging technologies around transparency and the impact of these technologies on people, their consciousness, livelihood, choices, and opportunities. Finally, Sustainability depends on redefining the role of profit, money, or bottom-line, incorporating core Values and Purpose to address all stakeholders’ impact. This is central to the message of EmPower Us! and achieving Strategic Harmony.

Navroop Sahdev, CEO, The Digital Economist

EmPower Us!

From Chaos to Strategic Harmony

“EmPower Us! is a template for sharing the authors’ values-based framework for holistic societal growth. It gives readers the perspective needed to interact with the status quo and facilitate sustainable changes.”
Emad Davis, Full Stack Software Engineer, FOSTM Agency

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