TEST Values

Is there a GAP between what you say and you do?

Do you pass the Test?

Living in the world of shattered conditions and broken values, one tends to get confused. To clarify the issue on personal, as well as on organizational level, we need to track the discrepancy between our „preached” values and our actual behavior. We propose to reflect and confront discrepancies using Transformative Values Gap Analysis, on both, personal and organizational level.

Keeping in mind that consistent values are a key power driver in any organization, there are several value gaps that seem to need our consideration. For example:

  • between message and action
  • between individual and company culture
  • between baby boomers and millennials
  • between product development and marketing between customers and company

The prescription for extracting us from these discrepancies and healing ourselves is simple. We believe that the journey must begin with a TEST to align and harmonize four core values – building Trust; propelling Empathy; igniting Sustainability; and living Transparency as the foundation for creating impact.

These values must be aligned to an ethical standard, a compass that goes beyond local cultural morals. The TEST integrates values and ethics to benchmark the strength and potential of an organization to bring forth change in the marketplace or society. The values of each individual must be congruent, harmonizing with the foundational values of the organization.

Let’s look at examples of how these values drive change.

Unwavering Trust is the currency for Transformation and nonhierarchical Power. It is a form of energy that changes over time. Trust is built on intent or motives, actions, capabilities, and results. In a business model we access forms of energy that are exchanged, aggregated, augmented, and leveraged. The world has lost the ethical compass guided by Trust and one’s ethical fabric. Strategies for building and sustaining Trust are essential ingredients of any organizational culture aimed at implementing Strategic Harmony.

Empathy triggers active listening, caring and laser-focus on the citizen’s or consumer’s needs. It lies at the foundation of inclusivity. It opens the door for any team to go beyond their boundaries and limited point-of-view. It is based on unlearning typical assumptions and traditional beliefs about problem or its solution. It allows the individual to become open to pathways of thought and connections resulting in transformative business models

Sustainability is a value, state of mind and physical condition. It drives equitability and harmony.  It connects all ecosystems and networks to optimize the outcomes for all stakeholders. The resulting collaboration reveals new strategies and technologies that help achieve their purpose.

Transparency drives integrity, and authenticity. It’s a child of the digital media movement resulting in open and challengeable content and explosion in personal data. It allows organizations to develop deep understanding of the individuals, who they interact with, and the ability to connect with them in a more efficient and meaningful way. Data and analytics are a source of power.

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