Ella Feathers

Ella's Excerpts

How do you disrupt the status quo?

Disruptions to the status quo are good, especially when the status quo is fractured. We have to think beyond making change within existing institutions; we need to rebuild their framework and the leadership that runs them. I think it is an act of resistance to adhere to alternative mindsets and value systems, and that questioning authority, particularly when authority is

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What drives you to want a more sustainable future?

For me, necessity. I don’t see that I have a future if we don’t take immediate action. The status quo is ridden with a whole host of converging crises: climate change, disease and economic inequality, to name a few. The world as we know it was not built to last, so we need to think of ways to innovate the

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It’s Time for a New Approach

In the words of Albert Einstein, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” The fact is, the problems that our thinking has created are enormous. If we want to change our society to be oriented towards people and the planet rather than just profit, we have to think outside the box. Our

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What Does Effective Leadership Look Like to You?

I think that a good leader should understand, empathize with, and act on the wants and needs of everyone around them. They should respect the experiences of the people they lead, whether they be citizens, employees or anyone else. A good and effective leader should be, first and foremost, a good listener.

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