Hello Everyone!

As an 18 year old student and activist, I am passionate about changing the world with positivity: self-empowerment, love, and impact. I felt lost and powerless in looking for solutions that would impact the world.

EmpowerUs! From Crisis to Strategic Harmony shocked me. It introduced me to a roadmap that can get us to a sustainable and equitable society. The book was written by two people that I look up to for their character: Ira Kaufman and Velimir Srića.

Last September, Dr. Kaufman asked me to read the first Guidepost of Empower Us! and select inspiring quotations. I was blown away by what I read; I selected quotes and provided comments from a NextGen perspective. Dr. Kaufman was delighted and sent me two more guideposts which I loved as much as the first.

He sent me the entire manuscript which I selected quotations and commented. I was inspired by what Ira and Velimir shared. By the end of a few weeks, I read and commented on the entire manuscript. Reading a single guidepost evolved into this: Ella’s Excerpts, which is a collection of my most important takeaways from EmPower Us! I will share my excerpts from all 14 Guideposts 3x a week so potential readers can get relevant takeaways from EmPower Us!

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