What is your biggest obstacle to a sustainable future?

For me, it’s myself.

In searching for transformative solutions, I constantly question myself. Do we mend the world by attempting to return to some past economic and political systems? Do we overthrow the status quo in its entirety? What of the status quo is even worth salvaging? What is my place in this process? Am I doing enough?

The world is horribly fractured. It’s difficult to know where to begin, or even what approach to take, in creating a sustainable future.

The crises we face are overwhelming. It is easy to slip into an uncertain, nihilistic view of the world: one where we have no roadmap nor possibility for transformation.

When I have doubts, I need to pull myself out of this ideological rut. Pessimism and uncertainty get us nowhere, but employing values-based change strategies for change does.

We have evidence-based strategies for transformation. We don’t need talk of why, when, and what must change, because we have those answers. We need action.

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