How can you leverage your values to generate change?

It is a difficult question with a simple answer. Just start.

We are all afraid of being the lone changemaker. As much as the idea is romanticized, most of us are comfortable being angry at the institutions we are part of without taking meaningful steps to address the core issues.

Part of why there is so much distrust in common institutions is because of the clear value gap; people feel as though they can’t trust anyone. The best way to remedy that is to start at home, standing up for values and implementing them. Everyone, whether you’re an executive or a paper-pusher, has the potential to live their values from wherever you are right now.

By adhering to these values and maximizing stakeholder value in all transactions, values of an organization are maintained and capital can be used as a tool to create meaningful, intentional social benefit.

Alongside my freshman year classes at UNC, I’ve been sharing reflections from “EmPower Us! From Crisis to Strategic Harmony.”

What issues are important to you? How can you leverage your values to solve them?

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