Jean AbiNader, Principal, AbiNader Advisory Services; International Expert Cross-cultural Communications

 “Transforming the leader to a Catalyzer is not a choice by rather a business necessity/imperative!

In our crisis driven environment, where decisions are quicker, grounded in purpose, and based on uncertainty, the Catalyzer is a facilitator who acts as a lighthouse for focusing the organization’s energies, and who employs their capabilities to enable broad integration of key values in how the organization moves forward.

It is a  demanding lesson experienced daily by organizations small to super-sized–navigating transformation, managing change, anticipating the future, and building responsive teams to achieve their goals. At its core, it means that leadership must be more inclusive about responsibilities for the organization’s growth while recalibrating assumptions about how to most effectively get there from here. Hard to believe, but the pandemic has a silver lining – accelerating transformation of business and operations models that bypass the much-touted New Normal.  and focus Instead, they must focus  on the new playbook emerging from the convergence of agility, social responsibility, stakeholder responsiveness, and inclusive decision-making.

Catalyzers need to be disrupters of the old order as well as of the New Normal to make sure that solutions are not band-aids for short-term fixes but a set of strategic decisions reflecting the company’s brand and the values that it incorporates. Managing risk is a set of opportunities for growth and sharing that cannot be minimized and must be an inclusive process to attract the best and brightest problem-solvers.

To be a Catalyzer, as EmPower Us!  notes, “requires vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith….”

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